The 7th International Electric Vehicle Expo

2020 December 9th ~ December 11th at ICC JEJU



  • Title:The 7th International Electric Vehicle Expo (The 7th IEVE)
  • Period:December 9th 2020, (Wed) ~ December 11th 2020, (Fri) / 3 days
  • Location:International Convention Center Co. LTD (ICC Jeju)
  • Main:International Electric Vehicle Expo
  • Host:The 7th International Electric Vehicle Expo Organizing Commuittee
  • Sponsors
    ‘Ministry of Unification’, ‘Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy’, ‘Ministry of Environment’, ‘Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport’,
    ‘Ministry of SMEs and Startups’, ‘The National Assembly of The Republic of Korea’, ‘Rural Development Administration’,
    ‘Jeju Special Self-Governing Province’, ‘Congress New renewable Energy forum’, ‘GEAN’, ‘KOTRA’, ‘Korea Tourism Organization’,
    ‘Korea Transport Institute’, ‘Korea Electrical Research Institute’, ‘Korea Institute of Energy Research’, ‘Jeju Free International City Development’, KAIST
    Newly Added:‘Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’, ‘Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries’
  • Global Media Partnership:‘People’s daily’ (China), ‘Bloomberg NEF’ (USA)
  • Scale
    50,000 participants (Annual stats)
    • Exhibition:EV Manufacture & 200 Related industrial branches
    • Conference:EV Related 40 Sessions

Program of The 7th IEVE

  • Official Event
    • Press day
    • Official Reporter press-conferences
    • ‘Tape-cutting’ event
    • VIP pre-exhibition walk
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Welcome Ceremony with
  • Exhibition
    • EV / PHEV / FCEV
    • e-Mobility / EV-BUS / EV-Agricultural machine / EV-Vessel
    • Battery / Charging infra
    • EV motor, inverter, sensor etc.
    • AI, IT, Software, Self-driving, Robotics, R&D
    • New renewable Energy, smart Grid
    • Fund Raising (Govern-Agencies, Ambassador, Financial Expert public speakers
  • Conference
    • The 5th International EV Standard Forum
    • The 4th International EV Autonomous Car Form
    • The 5th World EV Association Policy Forum
    • The 5th International Energy Conference
    • The 4th Ministry of industrial and Energy international forum
    • The 2nd Korea/China/Japan EV forum
  • B2B program
    • 260 companies participate
    • Meetings arrangement, MOU, Workshop, other related recreational business
    • World EV Association, 50 Companies over 30 countries
    • Global Network and Pre-invited Buyer
    • The 7th IEVE participant
  • Events
    • Test Driving
    • AV Demonstration