International Electric Vehicle Expo



Registration period

  • Pre-registration:Mar 19st (Fri) 2021 ~ Sep 6th (Mon) 2021
  • On-site registration:Sep 7th (Tue) 2021 ~ Sep 10th (Fri) 2021


On-site registration

Ticket information

Category Exhibition Exhibition + Conference
Ticket Regular
  • Online(Rre-register):5,000KRW
  • Walk-in:10,000KRW
  • Walk-in:300,000KRW
  • Watch online:100,000KRW
  • ※ ‘Watch online’ is done through the website online without attending the site. (
  • ※ ‘Walk-in’ is free to watch online.
  • Online(Rre-register):3,000KRW
  • Walk-in:5,000KRW
  • Kid(with parents)
  • The disabled
Expiration Date One Day Pass(not to be reused next day) All Day Pass
  • Giveaway ticket
  • ID tag provided
  • Subscription of EV-Magazine(12 months’)
  • ※ When the online registration completed, the QR code will be send for exchange with the ticket at IEVE.
  • ※ Due to the social distancing 2nd stage, a'non-face-to-face offline exhibition' will be held in compliance with the quarantine rules.
    (Please your cooperation, such as checking the heat and filling out the forms.)
  • ※ In order to comply with the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines, there may be on-site waiting in accordance with the admission restirctions procedure.