The 7th International Electric Vehicle Expo

2020 December 9th ~ December 11th at ICC JEJU

B2B Registration


  • B2B program is the exhibitor, B2B registered companies, overseas invited buyers from IEVE to lead successful business meeting, IEVE provides the customized
    1 on 1 B2B matching & networking lunch and dinner
  • During IEVE, GEAN hold the Annual General Meeting (4th) and participate by the leaders from over 30 countries.
  • Especially, U.S. Denmark, Australia, Germany, England, China, Hongkong, Israel, Vietnam, Philippine etc from North Europe to ASEAN, IEVE focus on the collaboration between the B2B members to bond strongly & continuously.
  • IEVE’s B2B program operates the most effective and unique by its After-Care-system to manage & to support continuously.
  • Luxurious hotel, convenience exhibition environment, effective B2B & conference, in addition, this will be the new unforgettable experience in beautiful Jeju island.

B2B summary

Date December 9th (Wed) 2020 ~ December 11th (Fri) 2020
Location ICC Jeju 5F B2B rounge
Registration date TBD
Scale 200 companies, 300 B2B meetings
Participants B2B applied companies, exhibitors, GEAN members(50companies 30nations), China TIAA, Invited buyers, Venture Capitals


Registration process

  • Homepage ( Click on “B2B Registration” at the bottom
  • Fill out the form and submit
  • Please use pc version for your registration, mobile version is not supported
Method After receiving the invoice, pay the entry fee in 20 days
Payment info After ‘B2B registration Guide form’ has received, IEVE will send the invoice & payment information, automatically

Ticket information

Type Price offering
A 1,200,000 won B2B Business Meeting Matching and Rounge room, Hotel(3nights), Breakfast Forum, lunch (2 people/ 3days),
Coffee & snack, Translation service
B 900,000 won B2B Business Meeting Matching and Rounge room, Hotel(2nights), Breakfast Forum, lunch (2 people/ 2days),
Coffee & snack, Translation service
C 600,000 won B2B Business Meeting Matching and Rounge room, Hotel(1nights), Breakfast Forum, lunch (2 people/ 1days),
Coffee & snack
D 400,000 won B2B Business Meeting Matching, lunch (2 people/ 1days), Coffee & snack

Contact information