International Electric Vehicle Expo

On-site / Virtual

Virtual Exhibition

  1. 01. Contributing to sales of electric vehicles, e-mobility and batteries, and related parts and materials in Korea and export to overseas markets
  2. 02. A total of 500 Korean and foreign companies and institutions are expected to participate, and each company will hold 50 meetings for sales in Korea and overseas markets. The expected number of visitors will reach 1 million.
  3. 03. By holding an exhibition that reproduces Jeju Island and ICC JEJU in a virtual space, the exhibition effect is maximized without time and spacerestrictions.

  • PlatformOfficial Website
  • PeriodSeptember 7 ~ December 31, 2021
  • OrganizerInternational Electric Vehicle Expo Organizing Committee
  • HostInternational Electric Vehicle Expo
  • Program
    • Virtual Exhibition
    • On&offline business meeting
    • PR SHOW and investment attraction briefing session
Electric Vehicles Passenger, Commercial, Special purpose vehicles, etc.
e-Mobility Micro, Two-wheeled, Three-wheeled, agricultural machinery, ships, etc.
Battery | Charging ESS, UPS, BMP, Charger(fast, slow, wireless), Charging service and infrastructure, etc.
Parts | Material Motors, Inverters, Sensors, Solutions, Parts, Materials, etc.
New Technology | R&D IT, Software, Autonomous, Driving, AI, Robotics, R&D projects, etc.
Energy | Smart Grid Eco-friendly energy, Smart grid, micro grid, etc.
Others Venture capital, Government business, Investment attraction, finance, etc.

Guide & Application

Online Application

Application Information

  • Booth Service and Pricing
    Division Basic Type Special Type On demand
    What to add
    • Basics
      • Basic Booth (5X5 Size)
      • Business Meeting (Online/ On-site)
    • Basics
      • Basic Booth (1OX10 Size)
      • Business Meeting (Online/ On-site)
    • 3D model implementation
    • Virtual electronic board(2 locations)
    • Good frequency of exposure
    • Special booth
      • scale separately negotiate
      • Business Meeting
        (Online / On-site)
    • 3D model implementation
    • Virtual electronic board(3 locations)
    • Making intro Vedio
    • Best exposure frequency
    Things In common
    • Exposure of Cl
    • 3 product and corporate images
    • Video
    • Company profile
    • Customer meeting
    • Homepage link

      ※ Inquiry separately(30 model implementation, virtual electronic board)

    • Exposure of Cl
    • 3 product and corporate images
      (additional Posting)
    • Video (addit ional Posting)
    • Company profile (additional Posting)
    • Customer meeting
    • Homepage link
    • Exposure of Cl
    • 3 product and corporate images
      (Quantity consultation))
    • Video (Quantity consultation)
    • Company profile
      (Quantity consultation)
    • Customer meeting
    • Homepage link

    ※ Exposure frequency refers to the level of exposure and accessibility of corporate booths such as the approach method, booth visit route, and search function.

  • Booth Price
    Division Basic Type Special Type On demand
    Price 5,000USD 30,000USD 50,000USD
  • Application Period
    • By August 20th , 2021
  • How to apply
    • ① Download the "Virtual Exhibition Participation Form" through the website
    • ② Fill out the application form and submit by e-mail (
    • ③ Receive an invoice from the organizer after submitting the application
    • ④ 50% of the participation fee is paid within 10 days from the date of receipt of the invoice
    • ⑤ Submission of promotional materials for the virtual exhibition
    • ⑥ Participation fee is paid in full after receiving the confirmation of part icipation in the exhibit ion
  • Documents to be submitted
    • Company name (Korean/ English)
    • Homepage address (URL)
    • Company Introduction (Korean / English) Briefly within 100 characters
    • Email address for consultation
    • Inquiry Contact
    • Link address (survey, shopping mall, et c.)
    • YouTube video URL
    • Company Cl (Al file)
    • Company and Product Introduct ion (PDF)
    • Company and Product Image
Name Position In charge e-mail
Wangkuen lee General Manager Exhibition Planning
John Yim General Manager B2B&Marketing
Icksu Byun Manager Korean companies affair
Eric Noh Manager Chinese companies affair