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The 7th International Electric Vehicle Expo will be held June 17-20 to strengthen 'non-face'
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  • The 7th International Electric Vehicle Expo will be held June 17-20 to strengthen 'non-face'

    - 'Post Corona' Preemptive Preparation Global Video Conference and Cyber Exhibition

    - Restrict 3,000 visitors per day for safety reasons...Reinforce B2B to link participating companies' revenue


    This year's International Electric Vehicle Expo, which was temporarily postponed in the aftermath of 'Covid19', will be held from June 17 to 20 due to the drastic strengthening of the "non-face format."


    The 7th International Electric Vehicle Expo Organizing Committee (Chairman Kim Dae-hwan, Moon Kook-hyun, Yacov Samash, Albert Lam) announced on the 1st that it will postpone this year's expo, originally scheduled for April 29 to May 2, and hold it at the Jeju International Convention Center from June 17 to 20.


    This year's theme for the expo, which aims to be the Davos Forum for Electric Cars, is "The New Definition e-Mobility."


    The biggest change in this year's expo is that it preemptively reflected the "non-face" trend, which is expected to draw attention in the "post-corona" era.


    It will strengthen major B2C sectors where companies and consumers meet in person and conduct global B2B meetings and conferences in a non-face-to-face format to expand the supply of electric vehicles and conduct a safe expo to boost domestic economy by boosting domestic demand.


    Considering that it is difficult for industry, academia, research, and government experts from around the world to attend major conferences, the video conference system will be introduced to maximize the effect.


    In the exhibition sector, the company will also use "cyber exhibitions" to allow global electric vehicles to meet at the expo site along with on-site exhibitions.


    Considering the safety of visitors first, the number of visitors will be limited to up to 3,000 on July 1 and the government will also strengthen quarantine procedures by conducting heat-generating tests from the entrance of the venue.


    Blockchain-based digital token "eCar" will also be paid. "eCar," which is given to registered visitors and participants in various conferences, can be purchased at the venue and exchanged for Jeju Love Gift Card and agricultural product Gift Card, helping to restore the actual vitality of the local economy by promoting consumption.


    This year's expo will be held with contents such as exhibitions, professional conferences, B2B, on-site test drives and demonstrations, with domestic and foreign companies participating in various electrification fields including electric cars, infrastructure and materials such as chargers and batteries, and energy sectors such as autonomous driving and new regeneration.


    In particular, Seoul National University will showcase its products and technologies that participated in the world's largest consumer electronics fair. KAIST, Ajou University and Seoul National University of Science and Technology will also introduce products and technologies under research and development.


    In line with the global expo, the Global Electric Vehicle Association network(GEAN), an international electric vehicle organization joined by 30 countries, the International Electronical Commission(IEC), the Silicon Valley Venture Investment Group's Rising Tide Fund (Rising Tide Fund), Bloomberg NEF and China Electric Vehicle 100 (ChinaEV100) will also participate in the joint cooperation.


    Kim Dae-hwan, co-chairman of the committee, said, "The 7th Expo is characterized by putting the health and safety of the people and visitors first through the introduction of a 'non-face format' and the reflection of 'social distance,'" adding, "It will establish itself as a global expo to jointly cooperate with international organizations, an expo to showcase new technologies and products, a B2B expo that leads to actual sales of participating companies."


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