International Electric Vehicle Expo



  • IEVE Definition
    Global EV Association Network is focusing on the World’s climate change by committing to promote EV, IEVE established & contribute as the most effective connection between national representatives EV association member.
  • Our Goal
    GEAN is GEAN members centered to share world EV industry & policy status and to create EV related new business & network and EV tech and Charging system standard based co-operating system activations platform

Secretariat of IEVE

3 General meeting of stakeholders, as a result, Considering the corporate involvement & management of Global Conferences, independently Secretariat of GEAN & Jeju based corporation was founded

(Jaunuary 31st 2019, Ministry of industry & Energy)

Chairman Dea Hwan Kim IEVE, the Chairman of the Board
Robert B. Catell Chairman of New York Smart Grid Association
Nobuhiro Tajima Board of Director of APEV
Kook Hyun Moon CEO of New Paradigm Institute
Soo Jong Kim International Green Island Forum (Member of Board)
Mett Hoé Copenhagen Electric Standing Advisor, Denmark
Yacov Shamash Vice President, NYU
  • New York Smart Grid Association
  • NYU
  • Copenhagen Electric, Denmark
  • DEVA
  • IEC
  • APEV
  • Korean Standard Association
  • Korea EV industry Association
  • Quebec Government
  • Chademo
  • NTSM Shanghai
  • APPM
  • EVAT
  • PHUV
  • MGTC
  • IEVN
  • EVAM
  • UIT
  • BYD
  • Detroit Electric
  • FDG Electric Vehicles
  • The 1st GEAN and Related
    policy seminar (2016)
  • The 2nd GEAN and Related
    policy seminar (2017)
  • The 3rd GEAN and Related
    policy seminar (2018)
  • The 4th GEAN and Related
    policy seminar (2019)