International Electric Vehicle Expo




  • More than 15,000,000
    Annual Visitors
    • World first three times UNESCO selected
      • 2002 Biosphere Resrve
      • 2007 World Natural Heritage
      • 2010 World Geopark
  • Close range of
    60 Mega Cities
    • Millions of people’s cities (2hours)
  • Best Environments for
    Carbon Free
    Green industry
    • One charge per week
    • Wind power and Solar Energy and other great natural infra
    • Install Smart Grid test bed & infra
  • EV platform
    in Jeju
    • Regulation-Sandbox-class Regional Innovation Growth EV-Special Zone Promotion
    • EV Leading City designated by Ministry of Enviroment

Business philosophy

Host Global class EV Expo for related companies promotion, building supply chain, create global network and support to develop EV industry, Global environment movement; Greenhouse has reduction
IEVE established for Electric Vehicles industry development to create new cultural effects.

Main Business

  • Open International EV Expo and Operate Exhibition & Conference focused
  • International EV Expo development by R&D and policy advanced project.
  • Open Conference and event for Information sharing, technology trade, related industry learning etc
  • Cooperate EV related International Agency and NGO

Our Goal

  1. World class
    EV focused
    to be‘EV’s
    Davos Forum’
  2. Exhibition &
    Conference focused to
    create EV network
    and B2B market
  3. Activate for Startups
    and small businesses
    market installation
  4. ‘‘Clean MICE Jeju’ Brand
    Globalization to
    create Recreational
    business platform