The 10th International Electric Vehicle Expo - Date : 2023.05.02(TUE) ~ 2023.05.05(FRI)


The International Electric Vehicle Expo is challenging a new global economic environment every year.
It will be the best business exhibition for electric vehicles and the new e-mobility industry.
It is a global expo in which 50 countries around the world participate.
International trade and conferences are held both on-site and online.
Visiting the exhibition, you will be able to enjoy to new experiences such as test driving and electric car rally.
It will be the expo that all participants will be satisfied with.

Exhibition items

  • Electric vehicle / e-mobility
  • Charger / Charging service /
    Charging infrastructure
  • Parts / Materials / Battery / Motor
  • Energy / ESS / Smart Grid
  • Autonomous Driving / AI /
    Software / Sensor
  • Robotics / R&D / Joint Project


  • “Booth Application” for ① On-site Exhibition, ② Virtual Exhibition and ③ B2B Business Meeting.
  • “Visitor Registration” for ① exhibition and ② conference visitors.
  • “Speaker Registration” for ① speaker, ② chairperson, ③ invitee. Must need a given code to register.