International Electric Vehicle Expo



Main goals

Strengthening role of
electric vehicle market
The exchange of
Electric vehicle
technology and
information and the
establishment of
Strengthening the psychological
accessibility of the electric
vehicle market
and organizing
concurrent events
in culture,
education, and
so on
Pioneering new electric
vehicle market
exhibition of fusion
technology including
smart grid and
renewable energy
Growth into the new
market of International
Electric Vehicle
companies and
related persons in
the Super Asian

IEVE MUST for Green

The mega global
EV Market
The formation of the world's largest electric vehicle market with the mainstream of pure electric vehicles according to the exhibition and PR of world-famous brand products
United EV
Information-sharing and leading of the electric vehicle industry, which is rapidly changing by providing the network field of experts, local autonomous entities, companies, the central government, etc.
Global EV
Providing the field of setting the standards of electric vehicles in cooperation with the continual discussion, and related institutions for the development direction of the electric vehicle industry.
Test bed for EV
Building up of a test bed and technology economic structure of electric vehicles by utilizing the geographical characteristics of Jeju Island where the International Electric Vehicle Expo is held