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15 2020.05
The 7th International Electric Vehicle Expo will be held June 17-20 to strengthen 'non-face'

The 7th International Electric Vehicle Expo will be held June 17-20 to strengthen 'non-face'

- 'Post Corona' Preemptive Preparation Global Video Conference and Cyber Exhibition

- Restrict 3,000 visitors per day for safety reasons...Reinforce B2B to link participating companies' revenue


This year's International Electric Vehicle Expo, which was temporarily postponed in the aftermath of 'Covid19', will be held from June 17 to 20 due to the drastic strengthening of the "non-face format."


The 7th International Electric Vehicle Expo Organizing Committee (Chairman Kim Dae-hwan, Moon Kook-hyun, Yacov Samash, Albert Lam) announced on the 1st that it will postpone this year's expo, originally scheduled for April 29 to May 2, and hold it at the Jeju International Convention Center from June 17 to 20.


This year's theme for the expo, which aims to be the Davos Forum for Electric Cars, is "The New Definition e-Mobility."


The biggest change in this year's expo is that it preemptively reflected the "non-face" trend, which is expected to draw attention in the "post-corona" era.


It will strengthen major B2C sectors where companies and consumers meet in person and conduct global B2B meetings and conferences in a non-face-to-face format to expand the supply of electric vehicles and conduct a safe expo to boost domestic economy by boosting domestic demand.


Considering that it is difficult for industry, academia, research, and government experts from around the world to attend major conferences, the video conference system will be introduced to maximize the effect.


In the exhibition sector, the company will also use "cyber exhibitions" to allow global electric vehicles to meet at the expo site along with on-site exhibitions.


Considering the safety of visitors first, the number of visitors will be limited to up to 3,000 on July 1 and the government will also strengthen quarantine procedures by conducting heat-generating tests from the entrance of the venue.


Blockchain-based digital token "eCar" will also be paid. "eCar," which is given to registered visitors and participants in various conferences, can be purchased at the venue and exchanged for Jeju Love Gift Card and agricultural product Gift Card, helping to restore the actual vitality of the local economy by promoting consumption.


This year's expo will be held with contents such as exhibitions, professional conferences, B2B, on-site test drives and demonstrations, with domestic and foreign companies participating in various electrification fields including electric cars, infrastructure and materials such as chargers and batteries, and energy sectors such as autonomous driving and new regeneration.


In particular, Seoul National University will showcase its products and technologies that participated in the world's largest consumer electronics fair. KAIST, Ajou University and Seoul National University of Science and Technology will also introduce products and technologies under research and development.


In line with the global expo, the Global Electric Vehicle Association network(GEAN), an international electric vehicle organization joined by 30 countries, the International Electronical Commission(IEC), the Silicon Valley Venture Investment Group's Rising Tide Fund (Rising Tide Fund), Bloomberg NEF and China Electric Vehicle 100 (ChinaEV100) will also participate in the joint cooperation.


Kim Dae-hwan, co-chairman of the committee, said, "The 7th Expo is characterized by putting the health and safety of the people and visitors first through the introduction of a 'non-face format' and the reflection of 'social distance,'" adding, "It will establish itself as a global expo to jointly cooperate with international organizations, an expo to showcase new technologies and products, a B2B expo that leads to actual sales of participating companies."


15 2020.05
Korea's first electric vehicle 'EV Magazine' and 'EV Webzine

International Electric Vehicle Expo, Korea's first electric vehicle 'EV Magazine' and 'EV Webzine'

- Published July edition...Diagnosis and Prospect for Changes in Industry Paradigm related to e-Mobility

- Introducing leading cities to cope with climate change and spreading the results of the Electric Vehicle Expo



Magazine and Webzine, which introduce the global network's efforts to cope with the rapid evolution of the electric vehicle industry and climate change, are seen for the first time in Korea.


The International Electric Vehicle Expo (Chairman Kim Dae-hwan) announced on the 1st that it will launch the monthly "EV Magazine" and "EV Webzine" in July, which will diagnose paradigm changes in the automobile industry and include policies related to electric vehicles at home and abroad and trends in industry, academia, research, and government.


"EV Magazine," which will be published in Korea for the first time as a magazine specializing in pure electric vehicles, is expected to serve as a hub for global electric vehicle information by in-depth diagnosing and predicting the development, distribution, policy and consumer trends of various e-mobility, including electric vehicles.


In particular, more than 50 member companies from 30 countries around the world will join the Global Electric Vehicle Association network(GEAN), which has a secretariat in South Korea, as a cooperative partner in issuing magazines and share news from each country.


It will also introduce detailed cooperation projects by international organizations related to electric vehicles such as China EV 100.


"EV Magazine" will be the medium for compiling and spreading the achievements of the world's only International Electric Vehicle Expo, which marks its seventh anniversary this year.


It will also specialize in news about professional evaluation and certification by the International Electronical Commission(IEC), which establishes standards (standard) in the field of telecommunications, including electric vehicles.


Efforts by central and local governments at home and abroad to effectively respond to climate change and other issues also play a role in spreading them around the case.


It will diagnose future mobility strategies such as electric vehicles from related ministries such as the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of Environment, as well as achievements and prospects for projects to supply electric vehicles and build charging infrastructures.


It will introduce the process of promoting 'Carbon Free Island 2030' in Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, its achievements, and future action plans, which are being pursued with the goal of 2030, and include the vision of the governor of Jeju Island.


It also deals with cases of cities at home and abroad that have been quick to create smart cities.


Smart City, which is considered a blue ocean that will drive innovative growth as an intensive fourth industrial revolution technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), is also seen as a field with steep growth internationally.


In addition, "EV Magazine" contains various statistics released by domestic and foreign credible organizations and provides deep and abundant reading materials through a series of columns by experts.


"EV Magazine" will be sold at oil prices to related companies, governments, local governments, academia, major libraries across the country, and consumers of electric vehicles.


Introduced with "EV Magazine," the Internet-based "EV Webzine" will also provide a wide range of timely e-mobility news and information to satisfy readers' interest in the future car sector.


Kim Dae-hwan, chairman of the International Electric Vehicle Expo, said, "EV Magazine and EV Webzine will quickly and accurately deliver electric vehicle-related industries and global market trends to drive synergy between industries and industries. We will do our best to serve as a channel to expand communication and exchange of information."


04 2020.03
About ICESI 2020

EV and renewable energy are seeing a rapid growth in numbers, hence EV charging load and renewable generation increasingly challenge the existing power system. The impact of the intermittent renewable electricity production and the significant increase in load caused by the EV charging must be anticipated in a robust manner. It is time to profoundly discuss challenging issues of operating EV in conjunction with renewable energy resources and integrating in Smart grid in efficient and reliable ways.








Dr. Yacov A. Shamash


Dr. Yacov A. Shamash is a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Stony Brook University where he was the founder of the New York State Center for Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology, and New York State Center for Excellence in Advanced Energy Research and Technology (AERTC). He has previously served as the Vice President for Economic Development, the Dean of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Dean of the Harriman School for Management and Policy. Prior to joining Stony Brook University, Dr. Shamash developed and directed the National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for the Design of Analog/Digital Integrated Circuits and also served as Chairman of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Washington State University. He serves on the Board of Directors of Comtech Telecommunications Corp., KeyTronic Corp., and Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. Dr. Shamash holds a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College of Science and Technology in London, England.


04 2019.11
7th IEVE signed MOU with China EV 100

IEVE family met with China EV 100, discussed future EV related issues; the advanced policies, and support plan etc.

This MOU between both parties have decided to participate on the 1st Korea & China EV forum at "2020 Future China Vehicle Policy Forum (Diao Yu Tai Guest House)" host by China EV100,

in addition, YoungWei Jang, secretary general of ChinaEV100, agreed to be the presenter of 7th IEVE.

And over of all, both parties agreed to help & support under the EV industry development & commercialzation.


We are looking forward to cooperate with China EV100 ! 

28 2019.10
The 17th Jeju Smart e-Valley Forum, ‘the keywords of Future Traffic system’


28 2019.10
MOU with ACA(Aisa Auto-control Association)


28 2019.10
The 7th IEVE selected the Official Hotel as Shore Hotel Jeju


28 2019.10
“Carbon Free Island Jeju” industry & education workshop


28 2019.10
The 7th IEVE Committee founded & ready for it!


28 2019.10
Tour program to bench marking from ‘Carbon Free Island’ & ‘EV special Zone’ industry & education


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